In this era, electric grills have made cooking easier enough that you don’t need to tackle it with traditional manners: charcoal, gas fuel, or propane. No matter, whether you are a seasoned grill master or at the beginning of your journey, electric grills offer a hassle-free process to enjoy your favorite food.

They generate heat using infrared technology or through heating elements and you can even control the temperature as per your needs. In fact, electric grills are easy to set up because of their compact sizes and you can get them outdoors along with you.

Today, the market is loaded up with the best electric grills and you have to explore and compare different models to find your ideal one. It’s a quick complex and lengthy procedure, isn’t it?

But you don’t need to worry about it because we are here with the 9 best electric grills with powerful features you can highly consider. All of these are efficient in performance, budget-friendly, and ensure advanced features and excellent quality.

So, are you ready to explore them? Let’s dive right into this for the best options.

The Best Electric Grills You Exactly Need in 2023 (thoroughly tested and reviewed)

1)Tefal Grill Multifunções Início- Potência de 2000 W 

Cores Disponíveis: Preto/Prata

Colors Available: Black/Silver

Construction: Stainless steel

Power: 2000 watts

Voltage: 220 volts

Special Feature: Non-stick coating

Product Weight: 3.3 kilograms

Tefal multifunction electric grill comes up with a 2000-watt heating element making it quiet powerful. It features non-stick plates, easy to flip and clean after cooking. In fact, we also found a cold-touch feature so you can easily handle this grill before and after use.

Talking about the size and structure, it has compact dimensions making it ideal for small spaces. Apart from this, the silver design and black color add a luxurious touch. The manufacturer has also worked on a removable drip tray which ensures complete maintenance and cleaning and catches excess grease.

Pay attention – The tefal multifunction grill is made up of stainless steel ensuring higher longevity and durability.

And yes, how we can forget to mention that this electric grill is also compatible with all electric systems. That’s because it operates on 220 volts power supply. Impressive? Check its specifications below.


  • Cool touch and safe handling
  • Compact design – suitable for small spaces
  • Non-stick plates for easy food release
  • Removable drip tray for maximum cleanliness
  • Powerful 2000 Watt Heating Element
  • Suitable for cooking roasted vegetables, fish and meat.


  • Lack of authentic smoked flavor

2) Cuisinart Grelhadores Elétricos, Placas Intercambiáveis Anti-Aderentes

Cor: Azul Acinzentado

Versatilidade: Grelhador e Chapa

Material: Plástico, Alumínio

Configurações de Temperatura: Até 240°C

Potência: 1600 watts

Estilo: Plancha e Grelhadores

Voltagem: 230 volts

A Cuisinart trouxe um grelhador elétrico de próximo nível, que também é uma chapa ao mesmo tempo. Na verdade, não há procedimento complexo para alternar entre a grelha e a chapa. Após análise, descobrimos que ele possui placas antiaderentes intercambiáveis que ajudam a cozinhar diversos alimentos sem esforço.

Preste atenção – essas placas do grelhador elétrico são seguras para máquina de lavar louça, para que você possa limpá-las facilmente, sem complexidade alguma.

Falando sobre algumas características adicionais, ele introduziu uma bandeja de gotejamento integrada para recolher o excesso de gordura, configurações de temperatura que chegam a 240°C para controle total do processo de cozimento e muito mais. Além disso, o grelhador vem em um design azul-acinzentado, adicionando um visual elegante à sua cozinha.

Então, você está pronto para usar este grelhador elétrico e chapa ao ar livre e em ambientes abertos?


  • Fácil limpeza, pois as placas do grelhadores podem ser lavadas na máquina de lavar louça
  • Versatilidade nas técnicas de cozimento, podendo ser usado tanto em ambientes internos quanto externos
  • Configuração de temperatura ajustável até 240°C
  • Placas antiaderentes intercambiáveis (para grelhador e chapa)
  • Bandeja de gotejamento integrada que facilita o descarte da gordura


  • Pode ser mais pesado em comparação com outros grelhadores elétricos

3) Cecotec Grelhadores Elétricos Com Revestimento Antiaderente RockStone

Coating: RockStone

Food Adaptability: Guaranteed

Material: Stainless steel

Power: 700 watts

Voltage: 240 volts

Dimensions: 24.5 x 11 x 29 cm

Cecotec electric grill is famous for perfect grill cooking which allows you to enjoy intense flavors. It operates at 700 watts power so you don’t need to worry about proper cooking results. And yes, the electric grill also features RockStone stone coating which is completely responsible for its non-stick performance.

So, if you want to enjoy exceptional grill cooking results this would be the electric grill you are looking for.

According to the manufacturers, its RockStone coating is not only highly non-adherent but also environmentally friendly at the same moment. Meanwhile, it does not contain any PFOA and PTFE elements. Moreover, the complete adaptability to any kind of food is a guarantee because of the floating system of its upper plate.

Insane feature – the grill is providing you with a large cooking surface of 23×14.5 cm.

Interestingly, the grill has also introduced a preheat indicator which alerts you to start cooking when it gets hot enough. Moreover, steel construction and safe handling are counted as added features.


  • Eco-friendly features – PFOA and PTFE free coating
  • Generous 3×14.5 cm cooking surface
  • RockStone stone coating to improve non-stick performance
  • Preheat indicator light and cool touch handle
  • Introduction of a 700 watt heating element
  • Floating system for total adaptability to food


  • May not be compatible with some electrical systems

4) George Foreman Grelhadores Elétricos

Power: 2180 watts

Style: Big

Voltage: 240 volts

Servings: Up to 4

Special Feature: Surface temperature adjustment

George Foreman is better known for its versatile features. Especially, it has a combined grill and griddle in one appliance allowing you to cook a variety of foods with ease. And you know what’s most exciting?

You have proper control over temperature adjustment according to your preferences. Just check out the settings you can operate easily and maintain surface temperature, that’s all. The grill surface is found to be larger which helps you accommodate up to 4 servings, while the griddle surface can seat up to 6 servings.


Lastly, it is made with stainless steel which means that longer durability is guaranteed.


  • Easier operation system, no complexity
  • Stainless steel manufacturing – greater durability
  • Larger cooking surface, capacity for up to 10 servings
  • Complete control of temperature settings
  • Griddle and grill combination for versatility


  • Large and heavier, can create installation complexities

5) Grelhadores Elétricos, 2400 W, Superfície Anti-Aderente, Regulador de Temperatura

Availability: Silver/Black

Material: Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel

Power: 2400 watts

Voltage: 240 volts

Product Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 18 centimeters

Special Feature: two removable plates

Undoubtedly, WMF Lono Mastergrill is one of the most powerful electric grills because of its 2400 watts of power. It can make cooking procedures efficient and provides you with exceptional results. The grill features 2 removable plates which offers flexibility so you can easily switch between flat and ribbed surfaces as per your needs.

Upon analysis, we have also found a temperature regulator which helps you precisely control the whole cooking procedure to get the best results.

In fact, you can easily release the food and promote effortless cleaning with its non-stick surface. Talking about the overall look and construction, it has the finishing of Cromargan stainless steel, while silver and black colors. Meanwhile, a completely attractive look and guarantee of longer durability at the exact moment.

Interestingly, the manufacturers also provide you with wind and splash cover for great outdoor protection. Moreover, the removable grease tray and easy assembly with no-fuss operation make it a convenient choice and a great addition to your kitchen.


  • The powerful 2400 watt heating element
  • Two removable plates for versatile cooking
  • Non-stick surface for proper cooking and easy cleaning
  • Introduction of the removable grease tray
  • Compact design and great dimensions
  • Cromargan stainless steel finish for durability
  • Temperature regulator for precise cooking control


  • The weight of the grill is a little heavier compared to other electric grills

6) Taurus Grelhador Elétricos, 2200 W 

Material de Fabricação: PF e Inox (aço inoxidável)

Potência do Motor: 1200 watts

Voltagem: 240 volts

Base: Antiderrapante

Tamanho da Placa de Grelha: 14,5×23 cm

Característica Especial: Antiaderente, Alça de toque frio

One of the best electric grills available in the market allows you to easily and quickly prepare meals without getting into complexities. The grill features a 1200-watt heating element which provides better results and cooks food within a few minutes.

Interesting feature – the electric grill has introduced non-stick coating which is completely free of PFOA. Meanwhile, food preservation is highly considered here.

Unlike other electric grills, it offers a 14.5×23 cm grill plate, an easy-to-clean interior, a sleek black design, and much more. Talking about the best feature, it would definitely be the non-slip base introduction which is making the electric grill safe and stable to use. Lastly, you are also provided with a cool touch handle here for practicality and convenience.


  • Highly stable and safe to use due to its non-slip base
  • Eco-friendly non-stick coating for better cooking and cleaning
  • The powerful 1200 watt heating element
  • Stainless steel manufacturing and finishing
  • Cool-touch handle for convenient handling


  • Smaller grill plate compared to other electric grills

7) SEVERIN Com Grelhador de Aço Inoxidável Para Interior e Exterior

Motor Power: 3000 watts

Style: Table

Safety: mini size, auto power-off system

Special Feature: Boost zone for intense heating

Design: Sleek black

Voltage: 230 volts

It is the only electric grill that allows you to enjoy barbecue-style cooking both indoors and outdoors. The material used for the durable construction of this grill is stainless steel. Not only this, it also offers an elegant look with its sleek black design.

Upon technical analysis, we have found a distinguished feature in this electric grill which is its Boost zone feature. It provides intense heat for searing and grilling, so proper cooking is ensured all the time.

And you know what’s the most appreciated thing about this best el electric grill?

It highly focuses on safety parameters and its mini size completely eliminates the risk of burns and the auto power-off system adds an extra layer of safety. Now, it’s time to discuss its power which is 3000 watts quiet higher). This shows you’re going to enjoy the best results all the time. No matter whether you are cooking vegetables, meats, or grilling steaks.


  •  The powerful 3000 watt motor for efficient cooking results
  • Portable: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Introduction of multiple safety measures, compact size and automatic shutdown system
  • Boost zone for intense heating and obtaining the best results
  • Compact size to eliminate burn hazards


  • Limited color options

8) Tristar Grelhador Elétricos de Contacto, Revestimento Anti-Aderente 

Material: Plastic, Metal

Power: 1000 watts

Finishing: Stainless steel

Extra Feature: Indicator Lights

Weight: 1.56 kilograms

Coating: Non-stick

Voltage: 230 volts

Now, we are on Tristar GR-2854 Contact Grill.

This electric grill has versatile features introduced by the manufacturers keeping the modern use of the grill in mind. It offers stainless steel floating lid along with a non-stick coating ensures proper heat distribution and effortless food release after cooking. In fact, you can also take care of proper cleaning.

The electric grill also has indicator lights that alert you when the element is hot and you can start preparing food. It also has a cool-touch handle which provides you with safe and convenient handling.


It comes up with a sleek black design, easy-to-clean grease, and 1000W power to provide efficient results. Now, you don’t need to worry a bit whether you are grilling vegetables, meats, or sandwiches because this grill is highly reliable for you.


  •  Bandeja de gordura fácil de limpar para uma limpeza completa
  • Revestimento antiaderente para soltar os alimentos com facilidade
  • Luzes indicadoras para receber alertas
  • Alça de toque frio para manuseio conveniente
  • Introdução da tampa flutuante em aço inoxidável para distribuição completa do calor


  • Potência mais baixa se for utilizado em excesso

9) Grelhador Elétricos, Ferro de Grelha, Panini, MONXOOK Ferro de Engomar Duplo de 1800 W 

Availability: Black

Finishing: Stainless steel

Motor Power: 1800 watts

Voltage: 220 volts

Special Feature: 180º opening

Design: Compact

Style: Adjustable kitchen grill

This is the electric grill which is highly prioritized by the people who made sandwiches, paninis, and grilled dishes regularly. It has a double grill plate so you can easily distribute the heat between your meals.

The feature which we like most about this best electric grill is its 180º opening feature. Definitely, you have a wider cooking surface and you can easily accommodate larger food items without any hassle. Also, its non-stick coating and temperature control feature allows you to have complete control of food release and heat distribution management.

And yes, how we can forget to discuss stainless steel design which is highly adding value to its luxurious look. Its overall design is amazingly attractive adding an elegant touch. Furthermore, its removable drip tray and 1800-watt strong power is making it one of the most reliable choices.


  •  Offers a wider cooking surface with 180º opening
  • Adjustable temperature control system
  • Guaranteed heat distribution with double grill plate
  • Removable drip tray for proper maintenance
  • Non-stick coating for easy food release and cleaning
  • Stainless steel design ensures a luxurious look


  • May not be compatible with various electrical systems

A Complete Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Electric Grill?

Nowadays, various options are available in the market when you go for purchasing the best electric grills. We have mentioned the 9 best ones already for your better convenience in this article above. But if you’re facing difficulties in finding your ideal one even in these electric grills, here’s what to do.

We have described some ideal parameters or you can say factors to choosing an ideal electric grill. Make sure you read these factors and make your decision accordingly.

Electric Grill Size

Obviously, everybody has different kitchen spaces. Some people can easily install larger size electric grills in their kitchens while some look for compact sizes (smaller sizes).

So, this is the first thing you need to keep in mind and compare different grills accordingly. Go to your kitchen and check the available space you have then make sure you get the grill which correctly fits your space.

Additional: it would be great if the grill you’re getting is portable too at the same moment. Because this way you can also it for outdoor activities.

Understood? Let’s go for the next.

Motor Power Options

Undoubtedly, this is going to be the core factor all the time you should highly focus on. The best way to determine is to make sure your usage first – don’t get an electric grill that has lower wattage power if your usage is high regularly.

Check your cooking needs, the food types you cook regularly, and frequency or usage, then go for a grill that offers enough power and heat output to meet your cooking needs. You can also discuss your usage with an expert to get an idea about what wattage power electric is going to suit you.

The Cooking Surface

And yes, look for an electric grill that has sufficient surface area to accommodate your needs. Some electric grills have a smaller surface area and you are unable to cook more food at the same moment. So, make sure the surface area is larger enough that can easily meet your needs.

One more thing, the surface area should also be non-stick – easier to release food, clean, and promote heat distribution for getting better cooking results.

Temperature Controlling Systems

It was an additional feature in electric grills but nowadays it has become a necessary feature that should be present in all-electric grills. With a temperature control system, you have complete control of your whole cooking procedure. You can cook different types of foods at different temperatures, and promote proper cooking and best results.

Safety Measures

Safety always comes first whenever it comes to electric gadgets, isn’t it?

That’s why you should always look for the safety features of electric grills whenever you are going to get one for you. Safety features include cool-touch handling, auto shut-off systems, or prevention of electrical burs, etc.

It would be great if some manufacturers added more and more features for better convenience.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Some electric grills offer easier cleaning while some are complex. Obviously, everybody wants an electric grill with easy cleaning features so manufacturers should take care of this. However, we recommend you always place electric grills with removable drip trays on priority.

It would be great if additional features like dishwasher-safe parts, and non-stick cooking surface were present in the grill you are going to get.

The Brand Reputation

It’s also an important factor to consider.

You should inspect the brand whose electric grill you are going to purchase. Read the customers’ reviews, social media presence, and testimonials of people about its products. This is what helps you make a healthy decision about whether you should purchase from this brand or not.

The Bottom Line

So, you’ve checked the 9 best electric grills of the year in the above article. We’ve explained everything about each product including its specifications, pros and cons, and working. Also, a detailed buying is there for better navigation.

Now, which grill do you find the ideal one according to your preferences and going to make decisions about?

Leave your opinions quickly in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Electric Grill?

The best electric grill obviously will be the grill with quality features from all aspects. And to be honest, it can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. A man who is looking for an electric grill with high watt power obviously finds an electric grill with high wattage power as the best one.

Which Electric Grill Is Right For You?

The electric grill with exactly the right features you’re looking for and fulfilling your requirements would be the right for you. Now, here you know well what are your requirements which suit your lifestyle and cooking needs.

Do Electric Grills Work Well?

Electric grills really work well and provide efficient grilling results. In fact, they come up with dozens of handy features and allow you to cook various foods without getting into any complexity.

What Is The Best Grill For Home?

It depends on individual preferences which grill is going to be the best electric grill for your home. If you need an electric grill with a compact size, obviously the compact-sized electric grill is going to be the best for your home.

How To Choose An Electric Grill?

Consider various factors including cooking surface size, motor power, temperature control, cleaning systems, durability, and much more. But make sure you take care of your preferences first before checking for any factors.